Browser Launch API

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Before Cypress launches a browser, it gives you the ability to modify the arguments used to launch it.

This is helpful to modify, remove, or add your own arguments.

The most common use case is adding your own chrome extension.


Modify the arguments based on the browser Cypress is launching.

Using your pluginsFile you can tap into the before:browser:launch event and modify the arguments based on the browser that Cypress is launching.

This event will yield you the browser as an object, and args which are the default arguments used to launch the browser.

args may be an array or an object (based on the type of browser we’re launching). Whatever you return from this event will become the new args for launching the browser.

Here are options for the currently supported browsers:

module.exports = (on, config) => {
  on('before:browser:launch', (browser = {}, args) => {
    // browser will look something like this
    // {
    //   name: 'chrome',
    //   displayName: 'Chrome',
    //   version: '63.0.3239.108',
    //   path: '/Applications/Google Chrome',
    //   majorVersion: '63'
    // }

    if ( === 'chrome') {

      // whatever you return here becomes the new args
      return args