Cookies.preserveOnce() and Cookies.defaults() enable you to control Cypress' cookie behavior.

Cookies.debug() enables you to generate logs to the console whenever any cookies are modified.

Cypress automatically clears all cookies before each test to prevent state from building up.

You can take advantage of Cypress.Cookies.preserveOnce() or even preserve cookies by their name to preserve values across multiple tests. This enables you to preserve sessions through several tests.


Cypress.Cookies.debug(enable, options)


enable (Boolean)

Whether cookie debugging should be enabled.


Names of cookies to be preserved. Pass an unlimited number of arguments.

options (Object)

Set defaults for all cookies, such as preserving a set of cookies to bypass being cleared before each test.



By turning on debugging, Cypress will automatically generate logs to the console when it sets or clears cookie values. This is useful to help you understand how Cypress clears cookies before each test, and is useful to visualize how to handle preserving cookies in between tests.

Cypress.Cookies.debug(true) // now Cypress will log when it alters cookies

cy.setCookie('foo', 'bar')
Console log when debugging cookies

Turn off verbose debugging output

By default Cypress will log the cookie object which allows you to inspect all of its properties. However you may not need that level of detail and you can turn this off.

Cypress.Cookies.debug(true, { verbose: false })

Now when Cypress logs cookies they will only include the name and value.

Console log cookies with debug

Debugging will be turned on until you explicitly turn it off.

Cypress.Cookies.debug(false) // now debugging is turned off

Preserve Once

Preserve cookies through multiple tests

Cypress gives you an interface to automatically preserve cookies for multiple tests. Cypress automatically clears all cookies before each new test starts by default.

By clearing cookies before each test you are guaranteed to always start from a clean state. Starting from a clean state prevents coupling your tests to one another and prevents situations where mutating something in your application in one test affects another one downstream.

You can use Cypress.Cookies.preserveOnce() to preserve cookies through multiple tests.

There are likely better ways to do this, but this isn't well documented at the moment. Every application is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For the moment, if you're using session-based cookies, this method will work.

describe('Dashboard', () => {
  before(() => {
    // log in only once before any of the tests run.
    // your app will likely set some sort of session cookie.
    // you'll need to know the name of the cookie(s), which you can find
    // in your Resources -> Cookies panel in the Chrome Dev Tools.

  beforeEach(() => {
    // before each test, we can automatically preserve the
    // 'session_id' and 'remember_token' cookies. this means they
    // will not be cleared before the NEXT test starts.
    // the name of your cookies will likely be different
    // this is an example
    Cypress.Cookies.preserveOnce('session_id', 'remember_token')

  it('displays stats', () => {
    // ...

  it('can do something', () => {
    // ...

  it('opens a modal', () => {
    // ...


Set global default cookies

You can modify the global defaults and preserve a set of Cookies which will always be preserved across tests.

Any change you make here will take effect immediately for the remainder of every single test.

preserve accepts:

  • String
  • Array
  • RegExp
  • Function

Preserve String

// now any cookie with the name 'session_id' will
// not be cleared before each test runs
  preserve: 'session_id',

Preserve Array

// now any cookie with the name 'session_id' or 'remember_token'
// will not be cleared before each test runs
  preserve: ['session_id', 'remember_token'],

Preserve RegExp

// now any cookie that matches this RegExp
// will not be cleared before each test runs
  preserve: /session|remember/,

Preserve Function

  preserve: (cookie) => {
    // implement your own logic here
    // if the function returns truthy
    // then the cookie will not be cleared
    // before each test runs


9.7.0Deprecated preserveOnce and defaults
5.0.0Renamed whitelist option to preserve
0.16.1{verbose: false} option added
0.16.0Removed support for Cypress.Cookies.get, Cypress.Cookies.set and Cypress.Cookies.remove
0.12.4Cypress.Cookies API added

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