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Wrap a method in a spy in order to record calls to and arguments of the function.

Note: .spy() assumes you are already familiar with our guide: Stubs, Spies, and Clocks


cy.spy(object, method)


Correct Usage

cy.spy(user, 'addFriend')


object (Object)

The object that has the method to be wrapped.

method (String)

The name of the method on the object to be wrapped.


Unlike most Cypress commands, cy.spy() is synchronous and returns a value (the spy) instead of a Promise-like chain-able object.

cy.spy() returns a Sinon.js spy. All methods found on Sinon.JS spies are supported.



Wrap a method with a spy

// assume App.start calls util.addListeners
cy.spy(util, 'addListeners')

Disable logging to Command Log

You can chain a .log(bool) method to disable cy.stub() calls from being shown in the Command Log. This may be useful when your stubs are called an excessive number of times.

const obj = {
  foo () {}
const stub = cy.stub(obj, 'foo').log(false)

More cy.spy() examples

Check out our example recipe testing spying, stubbing and time


Adding an alias using .as() to spies makes them easier to identify in error messages and Cypress’ command log.

const obj = {
  foo () {}
const spy = cy.spy(obj, 'foo').as('anyArgs')
const withFoo = spy.withArgs('foo').as('withFoo')
expect(withFoo) // purposefully failing assertion

You will see the following in the command log:

spies with aliases



Automatic reset/restore between tests

cy.spy() creates spies in a sandbox, so all spies created are automatically reset/restored between tests without you having to explicitly reset/restore them.


Difference between cy.spy() and cy.stub()

The main difference between cy.spy() and cy.stub() is that cy.spy() does not replace the method, it only wraps it. So, while invocations are recorded, the original method is still called. This can be very useful when testing methods on native browser objects. You can verify a method is being called by your test and still have the original method action invoked.


Assertion Support

Cypress has also built-in sinon-chai support, so any assertions supported by sinon-chai can be used without any configuration.



  • cy.spy() requires being chained off of cy.


  • cy.spy() cannot have any assertions chained.


  • cy.spy() cannot time out.

Command Log

Create a spy, alias it, and call it

const obj = {
  foo () {}
const spy = cy.spy(obj, 'foo').as('foo')'foo', 'bar')

The command above will display in the Command Log as:

Command Log spy

When clicking on the spy-1 event within the command log, the console outputs the following:

Console Log spy


Version Changes
0.20.0 Added .log(bool) method
0.18.8 cy.spy() command added

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