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End-to-end Testing with

End-to-end Testing Workshop

Cypress has put together a full day workshop that teaches how to test a modern web application using Cypress. You can preview the slides here:

The repository cypress-io/testing-workshop-cypress has:

  • An example application
  • Test exercises (with answers)
  • Speaker slides with notes

The content should be a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn Cypress or teach it to others. The exercises cover the following topics (see the workshop's README file for a full list).

  • How to install and run Cypress
  • Writing and running a basic test
  • Setting up video recording and screenshots
  • Using the Selector Playground
  • Testing XHR requests
  • Using data fixtures to mock data
  • Running tests on CI and recording to Cypress Cloud
  • Customizing your own reporters
  • Writing custom Cypress commands
  • Debugging in Cypress
  • Component testing

We hope this testing workshop proves itself useful in teaching developers and testers good Cypress practices.

ReactJSDay 2019 Testing Course

ReactJS Day

This is the reference repository with all the contents and the examples of the React Testing 101: component, integration, and end-to-end testing course for the ReactJSDay 2019 conference.

The repository aims to be consumed through the compiled GitBook. The course starts from the top of the testing pyramid and goes down instead of following the "standard" testing path, you can read here the reason why. Some introductory slides are also included but they're only useful for the teacher. They're a summary of the content presented before the coding session.

Requisites to run the project and the tests on your local machine:


This material is available for private, non-commercial use under the GPL version 3. If you would like to use this material to conduct your own workshop, please contact [email protected].


Thanks goes to these wonderful people: Stefano Magni and Jaga Santagostino. Please see the repository for an up to date list of all contributors. Contributions of any kind are welcome in the repository.