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How GoFundMe’s QA Engineers and Developers Test 30x Faster with Cypress

Published by Cypress & GoFundMe with Gleb Bahmutov and Todd Williams (August 26, 2020).

Build invincible integration tests using Cypress and cypress-testing-library

Published by Cypress & Fiverr with Gleb Bahmutov & Roman Sadler (July 8, 2020). Slides.

How Optimizely Tests Features and Feature Flags 300% Faster with Cypress

Published by Cypress & Optimizely with Gleb Bahmutov, Jeff Sing, and Todd Seller (June 10, 2020).

Keep your UI Sharp: Ensuring Functional and Visual Quality with Cypress.io + Happo.io

Published by Cypress & Happo with Gleb Bahmutov & Henric Trotzig (May 20, 2020).

Shipping with Confidence: How DHL reduced test execution time by 50%

Published by Cypress & DHL with Gleb Bahmutov & Rick Fleuren (May 7, 2020).

How Lightstep Quadrupled Deployment Velocity with Cypress

Published by Cypress & Lightstep with Gleb Bahmutov, Jonah Moses & Ted Pennings (April 15, 2020).

How PlanGrid (Autodesk) Achieved Consistency in Automation Across 20 Development Teams

Published by Cypress & PlanGrid (Autodesk) with Gleb Bahmutov, Graeme Harvey & Brendan Drew (Feb 12, 2020). Slides.

How Siemens SW Hub increased their test productivity by 38% with Cypress

Published by Cypress & Siemens with Gleb Bahmutov & Murat Ozcan (Dec 11, 2019). Slides.

Cypress + Gatsby: Confidently fast web development

Published by Cypress & Gatsby with Amir Rustamzadeh & Dustin Schau (Sep 4, 2019).

Spotahome’s Test-First Engineering Culture Using Cypress

Published by Cypress & Spotahome with Borja Guzman, David Zambrana & Steven Yi (Aug 13, 2019).

From Zero to Hero with Cypress: Slido’s journey of creating E2E tests without JS experience

Published by Cypress & sli.do with Filip Hric, Lubo Droby, & Steven Yi (Aug 7, 2019).

Complete Code Coverage with Cypress

Published by Cypress with Amir Rustamzadeh and Gleb Bahmutov (Jul 31, 2019).

Cypress in a Nutshell

Published by Cypress with Amir Rustamzadeh (Jul 18, 2019).

SaltStack’s QA Turnaround Using Cypress.io

Published by Cypress & Saltstack with Steve Yi & Nate Watts (May 22, 2019).

Cypress.io + Percy = End-to-end functional and visual testing for the web

Published by Cypress & Percy with Mike Fotinakis & Gleb Bahmutov (Apr 10, 2019).

How GoDaddy Created A Culture of Quality Through Test Automation with Cypress

Published by Cypress & GoDaddy with Pablo Velasquez, Kolya Venturi, Stephen Commisso & Steve Yi (Mar 28, 2019).

CircleCI and Cypress.io: Easily integrate end to end web application testing

Published by Cypress & CircleCI with Gleb Bahmutov & Eddie Webb (Dec 10, 2018). Slides.

Get the latest updates from Cypress

Published by Cypress with Gleb Bahmutov & Brian Mann (Oct 16, 2018). Slides.