Component Troubleshooting

This guide covers some common issues specific to Cypress Component Testing.

For more general troubleshooting of Cypress, visit the main Troubleshooting Guide. For information on migrating to Cypress v10.0, visit the Migration Guide.

Common Issues

Spec File Doesn't Appear in the Spec Explorer

If something appears missing from the spec list, make sure the files have the proper extension and the specPattern is correctly defined.

ESLint Global Errors

You may experience ESLint errors in your code editor after migrating to Cypress v10.0.0 or while using a framework (e.g. Create React App) that has ESLint rules which cause the Cypress globals to error.

Installing and configuring the eslint-plugin-cypress often helps to solve this.

The TypeScript Types for cy.mount is Not Working in Component Tests

In some instances, TypeScript might not recognize the custom cy.mount() command in Cypress spec files not located in the cypress directory. You will get a compiler error specifying that the type is not found in this case.

A quick way to fix this is to include the cypress directory in your tsconfig.json options like so:

"include": [

TypeScript will now monitor all files in the cypress folder and pick up the typings defined in the cypress/support/component.ts file.

Alternatively, you can move your typings to an external file and include that file in your tsconfig.json file. See our TypeScript Configuration guide for more info on doing this.

Cypress Types Conflict with Jest

For frameworks that include Jest out of the box (like Create React App), you might run into issues where the Cypress global types for TypeScript conflict with Jest global types (describe, test, it, etc..). In this case, other Cypress globals like Cypress and cy might not be working properly either.

We are currently investigating better ways to handle this, but for the time being, we recommend using a triple slash references directive to instruct the TypeScript compiler to look at the Cypress global types in each of your affected spec files:

/// <reference types="cypress" />

Alternatively, Relocate Component Specs

You can also group your Cypress tests and Jest tests inside separate folders (not co-located with components).

You will need to add a tsconfig.json to the folder and specify the types the files inside that folder should use.

Don't forget to update your specPattern to include the new file location.

Next.js Global Style Error

If you import the Next styles/globals.css in cypress/support/component.js to style your components, you'll get an error from Next about not allowing importing global css from files other than your main app file.

To solve this, install the next-global-css package and update the Next Webpack configuration.