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If you’d like to try out what we’re working on in the Test Runner, you can enable beta features for your project by turning on the experimental features you’d like to try.

⚠️ The experimental features might change or ultimately be removed without making it into the core product. Our primary goal for experiments is to collect real-world feedback during the development.


You can pass the configuration options below to enable or disable experiments. See our Configuration Guide on how to pass configuration to Cypress.

Option Default Description
experimentalComponentTesting false Enables component testing using framework-specific adaptors. See Component Testing for more detail.
experimentalFetchPolyfill false Automatically replaces window.fetch with a polyfill that Cypress can spy on and stub.
experimentalSourceRewriting false Enables AST-based JS/HTML rewriting. This may fix issues caused by the existing regex-based JS/HTML replacement algorithm. See #5273 for details.
experimentalNetworkStubbing false Enables cy.route2: a new version of the cy.route API that works on the HTTP layer, instead of stubbing out XMLHttpRequests. See #687 for details.


Version Changes
5.2.0 Removed experimentalShadowDomSupport and made it the default behavior.
5.0.0 Removed experimentalGetCookiesSameSite and made it the default behavior.
4.9.0 Added support for experimentalFetchPolyfill.
4.8.0 Added support for experimentalShadowDomSupport.
4.6.0 Added support for experimentalSourceRewriting.
4.5.0 Added support for experimentalComponentTesting.
4.3.0 Added support for experimentalGetCookiesSameSite.