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Upcoming Features

At any one time, our team is planning / working on really “big” upcoming features.

Here is where Cypress is headed:

Test Runner

Feature Status
Firefox Browser Support - #310 In progress
Full Network Layer Stubbing - #687 In progress
Unit Test Support - #318 In progress, orthogonal to other features
Iframe Switching APIs - #685 Partially complete
Better Corporate Proxy Support - #1469 Proposal complete
Lifecycle Events - #686 Proposal complete
Cross Browser Support - #310 Proposal complete
Screenshot Diffing - #495 No proposal yet
Native Events - #311 No proposal yet

Dashboard Service

Feature Status
Billing Portal with Usage data In progress
Zapier Integration - #981 In progress
GitHub Integration - #981 In progress
Capture Logs of Everything - #448 Partially complete
Screenshot Diffing - #495 No proposal yet
Improve Failure Workflow - #688 No proposal yet
Analytics - #689 No proposal yet
On-Prem No proposal yet