Jira Integration

The Cypress Dashboard can integrate with your Jira workflow to enable:

  • Creating one or more Jira issues for a given a test case directly from the Cypress Dashboard.
  • Viewing of historical log of Jira issues created for or associated for a given test case across test runs.

Installing the Jira integration

  1. Visit Integrations → Jira in the Cypress Dashboard and click "Install Jira" Cypress Dashboard Integrations
  2. Click the "Get it Now" button on the Atlassian Marketplace Cypress for Jira page Atlassian Marketplace Cypress for Jira
  3. Login to Jira, Choose a site to install your app and click "Install app". Atlassian Marketplace Cypress for Jira Choose Site
  4. On the "Add to Jira" screen, confirm installation by clicking "Get it now" Atlassian Marketplace Cypress for Jira Installation Confirmation
  5. Once installed, click the Get Started link in the notification. Atlassian Marketplace Cypress for Jira Installation Success
  6. On the next page, click the Click to Finish Installation button to be redirected to the Cypress Dashboard and choose the Cypress Organization for integration. Atlassian Marketplace Cypress for Jira Installation Finish Installation
  7. Once redirected to the Cypress Dashboard, select the organization to integrate with Atlassian Marketplace Cypress for Jira. Cypress Dashboard Select Organization for Jira Integration
  8. The Jira Integration is complete. A list of projects permitted is provided on the Jira Integration page. Cypress Dashboard Jira Integration

Creating a Jira issue for a test case

Let's walk through creating a Jira issue for a failing test:

  1. Click on a failed test within the "Test Results" view of a test run to open its results panel.

  2. Click on the "Create Issue" button within the results panel, which will present the form for creating a Jira issue for the test. Create Jira Issue Button

  3. Complete and submit the Jira issue creation form by selecting the Jira project, issue type, assignee, and additional fields. Create Jira Issue Modal

  4. Once the issue is created, a log and reference of the issue will appear within results panel of test. Jira Issue in Cypress Failure Context


The create issue within Jira will include a link back the Cypress Dashboard for the associated test. Jira Issue of Cypress Failure

Uninstalling the Jira integration

You can remove this integration by visiting the Integrations → Jira page of your organization. This will disable the ability to create Jira issues from a test failure.