The Cypress Dashboard is a service that gives you access to recorded test results - typically when running Cypress tests from your CI provider. The Dashboard provides you insight into what happened when your tests ran.


Organize projects

From the Dashboard you can:

  • Set up a project to record in the Dashboard
  • Reset or add more record keys
  • Change who can access your Cypress project
  • Transfer ownership of projects
  • Delete projects

See test run results

From the Dashboard you can:

  • See the number of failed, passing, pending and skipped tests.
  • Get the entire stack trace of failed tests.
  • View screenshots taken when tests fail or when using cy.screenshot().
  • Watch a video of your entire test run or a video clip at the point of test failure.
  • See how fast your spec files ran within CI including whether they were run in parallel.
  • See related groupings of tests.
Dashboard Screenshot

Manage runs

From the Dashboard you can:

Manage organizations

From the Dashboard you can:

  • Create, edit and delete organizations
  • See usage details for each organization.
  • Pay for your selected billing plan.

Manage users

From the Dashboard you can:

  • Invite and edit user's roles for organizations
  • Accept or reject requests to join your organization.

Integrate with GitHub

From the Dashboard you can:

Integrate with Slack

From the Dashboard you can:

  • Integrate Cypress into Slack on every recorded test run.

See test runs in the Cypress Project Runs

Additionally we've integrated the latest test run info into Cypress. This means you can see the status of your tests in the Runs tab from within each project.

Runs List

Example projects

Once you log in to the Dashboard Service you can view any public project.

Here are some of our own public projects you can view: