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A user is anyone who logs in to Cypress Cloud.

Invite users

You can invite users from Cypress Cloud. Invited users will see all projects and tests run for the organization.

Invite a user to an organization:

  1. Go the Organizations page to select the organization you want to invite a user to.
  2. Click Users, then Invite User. Note: you must have the role of 'owner' or 'admin' to invite users.
  3. Fill in their email and select their role then click Invite User Note: only owners can give other users 'owner' access.
  4. The user will receive an invitation email with a link to accept the invitation.
Invite User dialog

Sign Up with an Invitation:

Upon receiving the email, click "Accept Invitation" to be redirected to Cypress Cloud. From there, you will have the choice of authenitication type:

  • Basic (Google or GitHub)
  • Social (Email and Password)
  • Single Sign On

Sign Up with Basic Authentication

  1. Click "Don't have an account? Sign Up"
  2. Click "Sign up with Email"
  3. Type your email address and make a password
  4. Click "Sign Up"

Sign Up with Social Authentication

  1. Click "Don't have an account? Sign Up"
  2. Click "Sign up with Google" or "Sign up with GitHub"
  3. You may need to verify via your Social provider depending on your personal settings

Sign Up with Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication

Refer to our Enterprise SSO Guide

User roles

Users can be assigned roles that affect their access to certain features of Cypress Cloud.

  • Member: Can see the projects, runs, and keys.
  • Admin: Can also invite, edit and delete users.
  • Owner: Can also transfer or delete projects. Can delete and edit the organization.

The permissions for each user role for Cypress Cloud.

See test results of private projectsMemberAdminOwner
See record keys of projectsMemberAdminOwner
See billing and usage informationAdminOwner
Edit billing informationAdminOwner
See users invited to organizationAdminOwner
Resend invitation to invited userAdminOwner
Invite 'member' to organizationAdminOwner
Invite 'admin' to organizationAdminOwner
See user requests to join organizationAdminOwner
Accept user requests to join organizationAdminOwner
Remove 'member' from organizationAdminOwner
Remove 'admin' from organizationAdminOwner
Edit 'member' in organizationAdminOwner
Edit 'admin' in organizationAdminOwner
Edit project nameAdminOwner
Edit project status (private/public}AdminOwner
Add or delete record keysAdminOwner
Set up GitHub IntegrationAdminOwner
Set up Slack IntegrationAdminOwner
Invite 'owner' to organizationOwner
Edit 'owner' in organizationOwner
Remove 'owner' from organizationOwner
Add, edit, remove user in personal organizationOwner
Edit organization nameOwner
Delete organizationOwner
Transfer project to another organizationOwner
Delete projectOwner
Set up SSOOwner

User requests

Users can "request" access to a given organization. If a developer on your team has access to Cypress and your project's source code - they can request to be given access to your organization. This means instead of you having to invite team members up front, they can request access and you can choose to accept or deny them access.

Request access to project

User updates

Changes can be made to both the primary email address associated with your Cypress Cloud account and the email address for billing notifications.

For updating the primary email address associated with Cypress Cloud, click your Profile picture in the upper left corner of the Organizations page. Select Manage Profile. Go to the Email field and select your preferred email address. Note: The email list is limited to emails provided by login provider.

If you would like to update the billing email address, that can be done via the Billing & Usage page within Cypress Cloud or you contact them directly at [email protected].