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Cypress Cloud

Get Started

To get started with Cypress Cloud, sign up here for our free plan which comes with 3 users and 500 monthly test results.

Cypress Cloud is our enterprise-ready, web-based companion to the Cypress app. It gives you online access to your recorded test results, orchestrates test runs across multiple machines, provides rich analytics and diagnostics, and integrates those insights with your favorite tools.

Real World Example New

The Cypress Real World App (RWA) leverages Cypress Cloud in CI to test over 300 test cases in parallel across 25 machines, multiple browsers, multiple device sizes, and multiple operating systems.

Check out the Real World App in Cypress Cloud.


Analyze and diagnose

Store the full history of your test results, with video clips, screenshots, and full stack traces. Quickly see the current state of your app on the Latest Runs page, identify problematic trends with rich Analytics, and diagnose unreliable tests with Flaky Test Management. Associate related tests with grouping to see results broken down by browser and OS.

Cloud Screenshot

For users of the open-source Cypress app, we've integrated test run information from Cypress Cloud so developers can see the latest results across the team, and identify areas of concern.

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Run tests in parallel, in priority order, or not at all

With our Smart Orchestration features, you can run tests across a swarm of machines simultaneously while Cypress Cloud coordinates runners and balances test loads - no setup required! You can prioritize recently failed specs with Spec Prioritization to surface problems earlier, and cancel whole test runs on failure with Auto Cancellation to save on resource usage. You can also cancel in-progress runs manually from Cypress Cloud if you need to.

Diagram comparing serial and parallel test configurations

Integrate with source control providers

Ensure rock-solid reliability by keeping failing code out of your GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket repositories, with status checks that block commits from being merged until your Cypress tests are green. Surface test results directly in your PRs with pull request comments that include test run statistics, specific failure details, and deep links to results in Cypress Cloud for fast debugging. Users with Business or Enterprise plans can integrate securely with Self-managed GitLab instances too.

Status checks per spec

Collaborate and organize

We also integrate with two of the world's most popular collaboration tools: Slack and Jira. Deliver test results with valuable additional context, directly into a dedicated Slack channel. Or for those on the Team, Business or Enterprise plans, create bidirectionally linked Jira tickets directly from specific test failures.

Cypress notification feed in Slack channel

Lastly you can use our flexible adminstrative functions to configure Cypress Cloud however you want, grouping projects into multiple organizations if you have a lot, checking usage, and administering users and permissions. We also provide SSO integration for teams on our Enterprise plan.


Example projects

Once you log in to Cypress Cloud you can view any public project.

Here are some of our own public projects you can view: