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Cypress Cloud

Cypress Cloud is our enterprise-ready companion to the open-source Cypress app, allowing you to:

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View and debug past test results

Each test run is stored in Cypress Cloud, where you can see past results and the current state of your app on the Latest Runs page.

Replay the test as it executed during the recorded run with full debug capability using Test Replay.

Or view each test's command logs, screenshots, video replays, stack traces, and CI logs. Quickly identifying a test failure in CI is just a click away.

Analyze and diagnose test health

View each run's overview to see and compare past runs and analyze trends over time. You can quickly analyze changes in your setup that might introduce problematic trends as well as identify unreliable tests with Flaky Test Management.

The analytics capabilities show test metrics over time, helping determine the overall health of your test suite. Quickly see which tests are problematic, getting slower, or growing over time. Monitor your test health at both the project and organization level. Retrieve your test data through Cypress Cloud APIs.

Analytics run status
Analytics organization usage

Reduce test time & CI costs

Smart Orchestration enables you to run tests across multiple machines simultaneously in your CI environment while Cypress Cloud coordinates runners and balances test loads - no setup required! You can prioritize recently failed specs with Spec Prioritization to surface problems earlier, and cancel whole test runs on failure with Auto Cancellation to save on resource usage. You can also cancel in-progress runs manually from Cypress Cloud if you need to.

Diagram comparing serial and parallel test configurations

Cypress Cloud's Spec Prioritization lets you prioritize recently failed specs so they run faster on their next run. The Auto Cancellation feature will cancel a whole test run on failure, saving time and resource usage. You can also cancel in-progress runs manually from Cypress Cloud if you need to.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Source Control providers

Cypress Cloud integrates with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket to provide rock-solid reliability by keeping failing code out of your main branch. Use status checks to block commits from being merged until your Cypress tests are green, and surface test results directly in your PRs with pull request comments that include test run statistics, specific failure details, and deep links to results in Cypress Cloud for fast debugging.

Business and Enterprise plans include secure integration with self-managed GitHub and GitLab instances too.

Status checks per spec

Team Communication

Get notified on test progress directly in your team's Slack or Microsoft Teams channels.

Cypress notification feed in Slack channel

Issue Management

Keep the whole team up-to-date with Jira integration. You can create bidirectionally linked Jira tickets directly from specific test failures.

Cypress app integration

The Cypress app integrates directly with Cypress Cloud to provide developers with the latest test results without having to switch tools.


Flexible enterprise configuration and single sign on

You can use our flexible administrative functions to configure Cypress Cloud however you want, grouping projects into multiple organizations if you have a lot, checking usage, and administering users and permissions.

We also provide SSO integration for teams on our Enterprise plan.

Example project

The Cypress Real World App (RWA) leverages Cypress Cloud in CI to test over 300 test cases in parallel across 25 machines, multiple browsers, multiple device sizes and multiple operating systems.