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What you'll learn

  • What an Organization ID is and how it is useful
  • How to manage Organizations

Organizations are used to group and manage projects. Here you can create projects, manage users, access billing and usage information, leverage third party integrations, and apply org-level settings.

Organization ID

An Organization's ID is a unique identifier in UUID format that can be found under the "Organization settings" section of Cypress Cloud. This ID is used frequently by the Support, Success, and Sales teams to reference an Organization.

To locate your Organization's ID, go to "Organization settings" then Organization ID. Click on the clipboard icon to copy the ID for easy sharing with Cypress teams.

Locate UUID gif

Managing Organizations

Create Org

You can create an organization from within Cypress Cloud by opening the organization switcher and clicking Create new organization.

Create new organization

Delete Org

You can delete organizations that you own as long as they do not have any projects in the organization. You must first delete or transfer ownership of your projects your projects to another organization before you can delete the organization.

Delete Organization


Owner and admin roles can integrate Cypress Cloud with many third party tools under Organization > Integrations and edit those settings from within the Project settings page.

See our integration guides to learn more:

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