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This repo holds various Docker images for running Cypress locally and in CI.

There are Docker images:

  • cypress/base:<Node version> has the operating system dependencies required to run Cypress.
  • cypress/browsers:<tag> extends the base images with pre-installed browsers.
  • cypress/included:<Cypress version> extends the base images with pre-installed Cypress versions.
  • cypress/factory:<tag> is a docker image that can be used with docker args to generate a docker container with specific versions of node, yarn, chrome, firefox, edge and cypress. It is used to create the above docker images and can be used by you to create a custom docker image with versions of your choice.


GitLabRun Cypress tests in Docker on GitLab
CircleCI 2.0Run Cypress tests in Docker on Circle 2.0
CircleCI WorkflowsRun Multiple Cypress tests in parallel with Circle Workflows
Codeship ProRun Cypress tests in Docker on Codeship Pro
demo-docker-cypress-includedDemo running the complete Docker image cypress/included
cypress-example-docker-composeRun Cypress tests using docker-compose on CircleCI
cypress-open-from-docker-composeDemo running application and Cypress tests using docker-compose
cypress-tests-apache-in-dockerRun local Cypress tests against Apache running inside a Docker container
cypress-example-docker-compose-includedCypress example with docker-compose and cypress/included image
cypress-desktopRun Cypress with a desktop environment and noVNC in Docker

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